Balance core, internal

Nucleus vestibularis medialis

The core, a t.hay. and one t.v., located in the pons in the "floor" of the 4.de ventricle. The nucleus receives primary afferents from the vestibular nerve. These are axons, which mainly come from the semicircular canals.
The nucleus vestibularis medialis also receives signal flows from the cerebellum, spinal cord (tractus spino-vestibularis) and prepositus nucleus (formatio reticularis)

The nucleus vestibularis medialis transmits axons:
1/ to the cerebellar cortex of the posterior (flocculus-nodulus lobe) and anterior (lobus anterior cerebelli) parts of the vermispart,
2/ out in and up in the fasciculus longitudinalis medialis(FLM) and contacts via this conduction pathway all eye muscle nuclei with both crossed and uncrossed threads.
3/ out in and down in the FLM and contacts via this conduction pathway those motor neuron groups in the cervical spinal cord that control the movements of the head. This particular part of FLM is usually called the tractus vestibulo-spinalis medialis.
4/ upwards to the VPI nucleus of the thalamus.