Balance core, lower

Nucleus vestibularis inferior

Lower balance nucleus, Balance core, Spinal, Spinal balance nucleus

The core, a t.hay. and a t.v.,located in the medulla oblongata in the "floor" of the 4.de ventricle. The nucleus receives primary afferents from the nervus vestibularis, axons which primarily originate from the sacculus and utriculus in the inner ear.
The vestibular nucleus also receives signal flows from the cerebellum (nucleus fastigii), spinal cord(!) (tractus spino-vestibularis) and the prepositus nucleus (formatio reticularis).

The nucleus vestibularis inferior transmits axons:
1/ to the cerebellar cortex of the posterior (flocculus-nodulus) and anterior (lobus anterior cerebelli) parts of the vermispart,
2/ out in and up in the fasciculus longitudinalis medialis(FLM) and contact via this conduction pathway nucl. trochlearis and nucl. oculomotorius with crossed threads.