Eye-high arms

Pedunculi thalami

Thalamus peduncles

"Thalamus peduncles" are those masses of filament that run medially in the capsula interna and that form round-trip connections between different thalamus nuclei and their projection areas in the cortex of the large brain. The filaments of the thalamus peduncles spread out and are part of the corona radiata in the area between the capsula interna and the cerebral cortex.

There are four thalamic peduncles:
1/ Anterior thalamus peduncle (Pedunculus thalami anterior )
2/ Upper thalamus peduncle (Pedunculus thalami superior)
3/ Posterior thalamus peduncle (Pedunculus thalami posterior )
4/ Lower thalamus peduncle (Pedunculus thalami inferior)