Cuneiformis kernel

Nucleus cuneiformis

Mesencphala locomotor region., MLR,

Counted to formatio reticularis mesencephala del. Stretches through the entire mesencephalon and is located on the outside of the PAG.

The cuneiformis nucleus, together with the TPC nucleus, lies within the area known as the "mesencephala locomotor region, MLR". The area has a "pre-programmed" control function - contains one or more so-called pattern generators - with regard to the movements of the limbs during movement at different speeds.

In experimental animals, through a simple electrical stimulus at slightly different places in the MLR area, it has been possible to trigger the limb movements performed at slow walking "walk", at fast walking "trot" and during leaps "gallop".

MLR, in turn, affects a whole system of subordinate pattern generators located at different levels of the spinal cord.