Vision-high nuclei, intralaminar

Nuclei intralaminares thalami

Thalamus nuclei, intralaminar, Intralaminar thalamus nuclei, Intralaminar nucleus region

The intralaminar nuclei belong to the group of non-specific thalamus nuclei, which have scattered round-trip connections with, broadly speaking, the entire cerebral cortex, in particular signal inflow to the outermost bark layer (lamina I) and signal outflow from the innermost bark layer (lamina VI).
They are thought to interact with the cerebral cortex during sleep and awakening, as well as during pain-triggered emotions and directed attention.

The intralaminar thalamus nuclei, an accumulation on hay. side and one on the left, are interspersed in the inner white matter layer of the thalamus (lamina medullaris thalami interna).
The nuclear accumulation can be divided into a rostral and a caudal group.