Ambiguus core

Nucleus ambiguus

Ambiguus core, one on hay. and one on the left. Page I Medulla oblongata, is responsible for:

a) the preganglionic parasympathetic signal flow from the parasympathetic part of the ambiguus nucleus directed to the heart via the vagus nerve; b) alpha and gamma motor neurons; signaling to the pharyngeal muscles via the glossopharyngeus nerve, and nervus vagus

(c) alpha and gamma motor neurons, the signalling to the vocal cord muscles of the larynx via the vagus nervus (recurrence branch)

Long narrow nucleus extending in the medulla oblongata from the border of the pons down to the end of the 4.de ventricle and located in the middle of the formatio reticularis, behind/dorsally of the lower olive nucleus.

The upper parasympathetic part contains small nerve cells. The rest of the ambiguus nucleus contains a mixture of large and small nerve cells.

The nucleus receives an extensive influx of cortico-nuclear filaments from the primary motor cortex of the opposite hemisphere (its lower insular covering portion). This is about the control of the complicated palate, pharyngeal and vocal cord movements that speech sounds require.