Help: Encyclopedia

Here you can search for information directly using the first letter of the requested term (alphabetical index in the orange box at the top left). Or you can type the term name in the search box and press the "enter/return key" on your keyboard.

Suppose you have a fact list here in the left column with a large number of links (blue marked concepts) that you want to look at. If you click on the link, the corresponding amount of facts will appear here in the left column, but the original mass of facts is gone and you have to search for it again in the alphabetical index!

Instead, do the following:
Move the original factual text to the main window, i.e. the large right text field (click the blue highlighted prompt at the top of the column).
In turn, click on the link terms you want to know more about.
The factual text will appear in the left column and will be replaced when you select the next link.
The original text remains in the main window!

Names marked in black in the register list do not yet have a description.