Help: 3-dimensional brain model

Here, as the first image in the large screen field, the entire brain is shown with transparent bark.

The narrower left screen bar shows a series of different brain sections - slicers from the first image. Here you choose the brain part you want to examine by clicking on the corresponding image!

Place the mouse cursor/cursor somewhere in the black area outside the colored/shaded brain part itself.
Press it in the left. mouse button and hold it while you slowly move the pointer up-and-down or back-and-forth on the screen. If you stop with the pointer but still hold the left button, the brain continues to rotate with the speed it had when you stopped.

If you click in the image with the right mouse button, a menu will appear where you can, among other things, choose the rotation speed (speed), the number of frames per unit of time (preferences > frame rate) and, not to forget, choose the starting position for the rotation (viewpoints). The Viewpoints function does not work in the "first image" but otherwise.
It will be really good with low "speed" and high "frame rate" if you move the pointer quickly and then stop. Maximum "speed" is not bad either!
The menu's "Help" > "Users guide" provide an exhaustive instruction manual in English.


If the pointer is placed in the image, a name will appear and if you click on it (we-button), the corresponding fact box will appear in the left column.

The brain model is based on three series-sectioned, photographed and computer-reconstructed human brains.