Central winding front

Gyrus precentralis

The cerebral winding (one on the right hemisphere and one on the left) located directly in front of the central furrow on the outside of the hemisphere and slightly on its inside.

From the bark layer of the winding emanates the two pyramidal pathway systems with the help of which we can willingly control our movements; partly the pathway system to the motor cranial nerve nuclei (tr. cortico-nuclearis) in the opposite brainstem hemisphere and partly the pyramidal pathway itself (tr. cortico-spinalis) to the motor neuron in the opposite spinal half.

The cortex layer of the winding forms what is known as the "primary locomotor cortex" (primary motor cortex, primary somato-motor cortex : SM I). Cytoarchitecturally, the bark layer corresponds to Brodmannarea 4 (BA 4) and slightly small to area 6.