Anterior spino-thalamic conduction pathway

Tractus spino-thalamicus anterior

Conduction pathway, anterior spino-thalamic

The anterior spino-thalamic conduction pathway conveys imprecise/diffuse pressure and touch sensations. The pathway starts from nerve cells in the hind horn which have received the posterior saffron and which, via their axons, more or less directly convey the sensory impressions to the opposite half of the spinal cord through the commissura alba anterior, then further up into the anterolateral white matter of the spinal cord and then mixed with e.g. the tractus spino-thalamicus lateralis threads. When the filamentous mass reaches the extended marrow , the pressure and touch mediating filaments separate out and connect to the medial limnic for further transmission to the VPL nucleus of the thalamus.

Note that imprecise/diffuse pressure and touch sensations are thus conveyed up through the spinal cord after crossing over to the side opposite to the one where the stimulus took place.
This is in sharp contrast to the precise/high-resolution pressure and touch sensations (hindstring qualities) that are conveyed uncrossed up through the spinal cord into the back strings.