Anterior spino-cerebellar conduction pathway

Tractus spino-cerebellaris anterior

Conduction pathway, anterior spino-cerebellar, Tractus spino-cerebellaris ventralis

The conduction pathway starts from the border cells and the interneuron (in the intermediate gray matter of the spinal cord) located in the lower half of the spinal cord, especially from the lumbar swelling. The path crosses the mean line and makes its way up to the brainstem via the side string. It reaches into the cerebellum through the upper cerebellar arm. Once inside the cerebellum, the orbit again crosses the mean line. The trajectory thus ends in the same half of the CNS in which it began. The nerve fibers then distribute themselves within both hemispheres of the cerebellum.

The orbit primarily conveys internal feed-back information from the spinal cord with respect to movement programs for the lower extremity.