Backstring qualities

Backstring qualities

Backstring quality

The rear string qualities include:

1/ One(1)-point discrimination,
i.e. our ability to indicate with very high accuracy where somewhere on the skin surface a pressure, touch or strain irritation takes place

2/ Two(2)-point discrimination (2-PD)
i.e. our ability to distinguish 2 excitation points on the skin from each other

3/ Kinaesthesia
i.e. our ability to be aware of changes that occur in joints and muscles during different movements, which allows us to know how to move different body parts.

4/ Stereognosia
i.e. our ability to determine the nature of an object without the help of our eyes and sort out different objects from each other. So, for example, you easily distinguish different types of Swedish coins from each other directly with your hand in your pocket.

5/ Our ability to perceive vibrations.

The hindstring track conveys very detailed information (so-called high-resolution mechanoreception) about pressure, touch and elongation from the skin (exteroception) as well as information from the musculoskeletal system (proprioception) about how quickly different muscles contract, how long the muscles are and how much force they develop as well as the degree of bending and/or stretching in the joints. The mixture of these different detailed information about the effects of the skin and about the course of the musculoskeletal system is coordinated with each other up in the brain.