Large & small intestinal nerve

Nervus splanchnicus major & minor

Intestinal nerves

The intestinal nerves, one pair on the right and one pair on the left side, start from the thoracic part of the sympathetic border cord and end in the abdominal ganglia. A small number of threads end in the adrenal medulla.

The nerves contain preganglionary sympathetic filaments that begin in nerve cell bodies in the gray matter of the spinal cord (nucleus intermediolateralis). The threads leave the spinal cord with the front roots T 1 to L 2-3, are led out of the vertebral canal with the help of the corresponding spinal nerves, are then led directly over to the sympathetic border cord and then leave the chest part of the border cord in the form of thin bundles of wire, which in turn bake together to the large and small intestinal nerves. These make their way through diaphragma and up to the abdominal ganglia.