Lateral ventricle (DOUBLET)

Ventriculus lateralis

Fluid-filled cavity in hay. and we. cerebrum hemisphere. Each lateral ventricle is connected to the 3rd cerebral ventricle through a hole (foramen interventriculare).

A lateral ventricle is divided into four sections. At the front is the frontal lobe (cornu frontale ventriculus. lat.) which merges posteriorly into the central part of the lateral ventricle (pars centralis ventr. lat.). The central part transitions backwards into two spaces, a occipital lobe (cornu occipitale ventr. lat.) and a temporal lobe (cornu temporale ventr. lat.) that turns downwards and forwards into the temporal lobe.

The central part and temporal lobe contain a continuous elongated blood vessel/choroidal braid that enters the lateral ventricles through the ventricular intervertebral cavities and produces cerebrospinal fluid (liquor cerebrospinalis).