Prefrontal cortex

Prefrontal cortex


It is the superior size of the prefrontal cortex that distinguishes the human brain from the brains of all other animal species.

It is thanks to a normally functioning prefrontal cortex that we manage to exhibit a well-cohesive, thoughtful, consciously planned, rational and socially acceptable behavior that is carried out partly on the basis of previous experiences and regulations and partly taking into account the current situation and the attention with which we are able to analyze the current situation . The prefrontal cortex is, in other words, of paramount importance for a well-executed cognitive behavior
In conjunction with the parietal lobe, the prefrontal cortex is responsible for our so-called working memory .

The prefrontal cortex is located anterior to the premotor cortex both on the outside of the frontal lobe and on its in- and undersides and comprises the Brodmann areas (BA) 10, 11, 12, 46, 47, most of BA 9, parts of BA 8 and BA 45, and the anterior part of the cingula cortex (BA 32 and 24).
By that definition, the prefrontal cortex makes up approx. 30% of the total area of the cerebral cortex, an area that exhibits a very fast metabolism when awake.