Cranial nerves V; 5

Nervus trigeminus

Triplet nerve, Fifth cranial nerve, Masticer muscle nerve, Nervus masticatorius, Ganglion semilunare, Ganglion Gasseri, Portio major n.V, Portio minor n.V

is connected to the bridge. The nerve consists of a larger sensory part (portio major n.V) and a smaller muscle-controlling/motor part (portio minor n.V). The sensory part is, right next to the bridge, provided by a large ganglion, the trigeminal ganglia (ganglion semilunare, ganglion Gasseri) which contains the cell bodies of the trigeminal nerve primary afferent neuron.

The trigeminal nerve consists of three main branches, each of which connects to the ganglia itself:
eye nerve (n. ophthalmicus),
maxilla nerve (N. maxillaris) and
mandibular nerve (N. mandibularis)
which convey sensations of all kinds from the skin and musculature of the face and from the cavities that open on the face, that is, the eye socket with the globe of the eye, the nasal cavity with its mucosa and the oral cavity with the mucosa, teeth and tongue.

The motor part (n. masticatorius) runs in the mandibular nerve and activates the masticatory muscles.