Area V5 MT


Visual cortex area of the lower temporal lobe furrow., Dyslexia, Word blindness

The bark area (Visual cortex 5; V5) is of importance for our perception of movements in the visual field and is considered to receive certain visual information directly without interference from the primary visual cortex (V1).
The area lies posteriorly to the depth of the lower temporal lobe furrow and is included in Brodmann area 37.
Dumoulin, S.O. et al (2000) A New Anatomical Landmark for Reliable Identification of Human Area V5/MT: a Quantitative Analysis of Sulcal Patterning. Cerebral Cortex. 10, 454-463.

Impaired activity in the MT cortex has been suggested as one of several causes behind the onset of dyslexia (dyslexia).
Goswami, U . (2015) Sensory theories on developmental dyslexia: Three challenges for research. Nature Reviews/Neuroscience. 16, 43-54.