Internal hypothalamus zone

Zona medialis, hypothalamus

The right and left internal hypothalamus zones form the longitudinal midsections of the hypothalamus. They are relatively cell-rich and contain several more or less well-defined core areas:
Nucleus preopticus medianus Nucleus preopticus medialis Nucleus anterior hypothalami Nucleus paraventricularis (hypothalami), part of
Nucleus dorsomedialis hypothalami Nucleus ventromedialis hypothalami Nucleustuberomammillaris, part of
Nucleus premammillaris dorsalis Nucleus premammillaris ventralis Nucleus mammillaris medialis Nucleus mammillaris lateralis Nucleusposterior hypothalami

In the border area between the inner and outer hypothalamus zone, on hay. and we. side, takes
1/ Columna fornicis postcommissurala del down to corpus mammillaris
2/ tractus mammillo-thalamicus up to the anterior thalamus nucleus and
3/ Tractus mammillo-tegmentalis caudally down to the brainstem