Parietal minilobe upper

Lobulus parietalis superior

Located on the upper part of the parietal lobe between the posterior central cortex and the occipital lobe. Spreads out both on the inside and outside of the hemisphere . Covers most of the Brodmann areas 5 and 7.

The area is of the utmost importance for how we can use visual impressions and information from the musculoskeletal system to perform meaningful hand, head, arm, leg and eye movements. Area 5 in particular has extensive connections with both the motor and premotor cortex.

The upper parietal minilobe provides some of the information required for the brain to create an "inner" 3-dimensional map of our environment coupled with an "exact idea" of where our body and its various parts are in, and how they move in, this 3-dimensional space and the nature and location of the objects that space contains.

The posterior gaze direction center (parieto-occipital gaze direction center) is located on the border with the occipital lobe.