Pregenicular (thalamus) nucleus.

Nucleus pregeniculatus (thalami)

The core, a t.hay. and a left, located in the ventral (sub) thalamus adjacent to the lateral knee body and is connected to the visual system. It is considered to be an "Ancillary optical system (AOS)" and receives a direct signal input from the retina via the tractus opticus and from the visual cortex (BA 17,18,19).

Pregenicular thalamus nucleus contacts:
1/ Different mesencephalic visual centers
2/ Cerebellum via switches in the olivainferior complex and
the pons cores,
3/ Suprachiasmatic nucleus.

The nucleus is considered to be important for the coordination of gaze direction, balance and head movements, and partly to participate in the control of the circadian rhythm.

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