Truncus encephali

The brainstem is divided into three consecutive sections:

The medulla oblongata, which is the direct continuation of the spinal cord up into the brain and contains a number of vital centers for respiration and blood circulation.

The bridge (pons) with centers for balance, hearing processing and switching centers for signal traffic between the cerebrum and cerebellum.

The midbrain (mesencephalon), which at the back is equipped with 4 humps, the so-called four-pile plate. The upper four-mound pair (hay. + left. colliculus superior) is an important switching station for visual impulses. The lower four-mound pair (hay + left colliculus inferior) is an equally important switching station for auditory impulses. The midbrain also contains centers of great importance for our ability to move.

Cranial nerves 3 through 12 all connect to the brainstem.