Myocardial nuclei, rostral intralaminar group

Nuclei rostrales intralaminares thalami

Intralaminar rostral group of visual high nuclei.

The rostral intralaminar thalamus nuclei, a group to hay. and one to the left, located in the inner white matter layer of the thalamus (lamina medullaris thalami interna).

The group includes three smaller entities (nucleus paracentralis, nucleus centralis lateralis and nucleus centralis medialis) that all transmit filaments both to the striatum and to the cortex cerebralis; especially to the frontal part of the PTO cortex.

The group receives signal inputs from the spinal cord's baking female (nociception) and intermediate gray matter, from the cerebellum, from several brainstem nuclei and not least from cholinergic, noradrenergic and serotoninergic units.