Pontina Micturition Centre

Barrington's micturition range

Barrington's Core, Urination Centre, PMC

Pontina micturition center, one on hay. and one on the left. side, is a diffuse accumulation of neurons located dorsolaterally in the uppermost part of the pons just rostral of the trigeminal motor nucleus nerve. PMC belongs to formatio reticularis and is often considered one of formatio reticularis' many pattern generators.

Pontina Micturition Centre sends threads

1/ to the parasympathetic spinal cord nucleus which controls the smooth emptying muscle of the bladder wall (musculus detrusor vesicae)
2/ to Onuf's nucleus that controls the urethral shutter muscle (musculus sphincter urethrae)
3/ to locus coeruleus and
4/ maintains round-trip service with PAG

The Pontina Micturition Centre receives filaments from e.g. the nucleus posteromarginalis (nociception).