Sensory Perception, Exteroception, Proprioception, Visceroception

Sensory impression = experience/sensation of a course in/a change in/a stimulus from, the outside world or inside one's own body.
A distinction is made between 3 different types of sensory impressions:
1/ Exteroceptive, i.e. from future sensations, excluding smell and taste sensations.
2/ Proprioceptive, i.e. sensations from the musculoskeletal system
3/ Visceroceptive, i.e. sensations from the organs of the intestines, including sensations of smell and taste.

For a very long time (Aristotle) people have been talking about the "Five senses" i.e. sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
Today the situation is more complicated. It can be said that man has 6 different "senses":
1/Vision 2/Hearing3/Smell4/Taste5/Touch 6/Balance

Here it is the sense of touch that has become the most complicated concept.