Globe core

Nucleus globosus

Belongs to the group of cerebellar nuclei.
Is connected to the inner part of the intermediate hemisphere zone and is counted as the spinocerebellum.
Together with the nucleus emboliformis, it forms the so-called nucleus interpositus.

The nucleus globosus sends its efferent filaments out of the cerebellum along with the filaments of the nucleus emboliformis. The wire mass connects to, and is part of, the upper cerebellar arm. This dives into the midbrain/mesencephalon. Here, in the lower/caudal part of the mesencephalon, the threads cross over the midline and form the upper cerebellar arm junction, and then continue up and down the brainstem towards their target areas, i.e. to:
nucleus Darkschewitscholivainferior complexformatio reticulariscolliculus superiors deep gray matter
PAG VL nucleus of the intralaminarthalamus nuclei